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Benefits Provided & Assets Information

Benefits to be provided by BMSG-Poland (approx Value in US$)

1. In Kind Benefits Machinery and Equipment for Genetic Engineering. DNA Research and Analysis Transgenic animals plant. Experimental facility (U$ 750.000).

2. In Kind Benefits Fluorescence Microscopes, Electrophoresis Equipment for DNA and Proteins Differentiation, Chromatography Equipment, PCR Termocyclers, DNA-sequencing equipment-Alfa-System, DNA-pyrosequencing equipment (US$ 750.000).

3. In Kind Benefits High-Speed Centrifuge-Alfa, Confocal Microscopes, Flow Cytometer, Incubators & Hoods (US$ 450.000).

4. Land Krakow's Prime location, 10 min drive from the neighbourhood International airport. Land under development (Range between US$ 850.000-US$ 950.000).

5. Other assets Land to lease: Approx 30 h, 45 min drive from the city center. Land under development for a new laboratory (Range between US$ 650.000-US$ 850.000).

Tangible And Intangible Assets:

  • Laboratory facilities including animal surgery rooms, embryo manipulation lab.
  • Modern Laboratory equipment for genetic-engineering, DNA Sequencing
  • Chromatography, Electrophoresis, Spectrophotometers Equipment
  • Sources of clean, locally-bred and not infected animals at 30-40% less prices than in Western Europe
  • Expertise of a number of prominent specialists from medicine, veterinary medicine
  • Intangible assets: highly qualified staff including MD's, DVM's, Vet-Surgeons
  • Operating costs 40-60% less expensive than in the U.S.
  • Our established contacts with different institutes, laboratories and manufacturing plants
  • Outsourcing of certain laboratory facilities
  • Cooperation with the Foundation for Medical Development in Central Europe-FMDCE
  • Growing market for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in Poland- market for pharmaceuticals in year 2001 estd. at U$ 3.5 bln., for biotech in year 2001 estd. at U$ 350 mln., grows at 10-12% annually.

Capital Equipment/Assets:

  • Micromanipulation equipment - value approx. U$ 100.000
  • Incubators value approx. U$ 40.000
  • Cryogenic freezer containers value approx. U$ 80.000
  • Flow Cytometry Equipment value approx.U$ 250.000 Epix-Elite type
  • Gear for the molecular DNA isolation value approx. U$ 50.000
  • High-Speed Centrifuge value approx. U$ 50.000
  • Electrophoresis equipment value approx. U$ 55.000
  • Safety Cabinets value approx. U$ 40.000
  • Fluorescence and Radioactivity Scanner value approx. U$ 80.000
  • Cold Room Safety Cabinets value approx. U$ 30.000
  • Fluorescence Microscopes value approx. U$ 60.000
  • DNA sequencing equipment -Alfa value approx. U$ 150.000
  • DNA pyro-sequencing gear value approx. U$ 100.000
  • PCR Thermocyclers value approx. U$ 55.000
  • Electrophoresis equipment for DNA/Proteins value approx. U$ 80.000
  • Chromatography equipment value approx. U$ 70.000
  • Spectrophotometers value approx. U$ 80.000
  • DNA sequencing analysis gear value approx. U$ 70.000
  • Deep-Beta Freezers value approx. U$ 40.000
  • Water Purification system for DNA value approx. U$ 30.000
  • Confocal Microscopes value approx. U$ 250,000
  • Flow Cytometer value approx. U$ 140,000
  • Incubators & Hoods value approx. U$ 50,000

Expected Funding Requirements:

Current funding requirements over the next 3 years are estimated at U$ 3.6 mln. Expected funding requirements are estimated at U$ 1,2 mln/ year, for the next 3 years. This is net of government grants and revenue producing laboratory services and activities. BMSG,Inc. is seeking to raise U$ 1.0mln in equity in exchange for 20% of the company's stake. Company is looking for a strategic joint-venture to be capable of better leveraging its assets.

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