Biomedical Solutions Group, Inc.

Current Product/Services

BMSG offers the services which include professional assessment and testing parameters, full service laboratory testing and products evaluation for the biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

BMSG has direct access to the following facilities:

  1. Laboratory animals breeding and holding colonies:
    1. Pigs colony: 500 animals
    2. Rabbits colony: 400 animals
  2. Manufacturing plants of Immunoserums, Antitoxines

BMSG's core competence has been focused on the following services and products:

  1. Experimental Animals, Animal Models:
    1. Breeding of genetically defined laboratory animals ( rats, rabbits, mice)
    2. Breeding of transgenic animals ( mice, rabbits, pigs, cattle)
    3. Somatic cloning ( under development)
  2. Biomedical Testing Services:
    1. Animal model testing for immunological diseases, autoimmune diseases, inflammation
    2. Pharmaco-behavioral tests
    3. Pharmacological testing services
  3. Animal Tissue Products:
    1. Tissues from transgenic animals ( pigs, goats, rabbits)
    2. Xenotransplantation projects
    3. Biological products ( Immunoserums, Antitoxines, Immunoglobulines)
  4. Molecular Biology:
    1. A Molecular Diagnostics
    2. Purification of Biopolymers
    3. Gene construct development

Projects that were financed from the state grants/ EU funds:

Currently, BMSG is affiliated with the National Institute of Animal Science in Krakow, Poland and with the National Medical Institute. The BMSG contracts with 15 researchers, doctors and other medical professionals to provide testing and evaluations services.

BMSG is currently being partially funded by national grants, which support operational activities. Under these grants BMSG has purchased capital testing equipment and supports human resources to perform testing as well as core product services.

BMSG offers a systemic battery of tests that measure a broad range of behavioral and neurological modalities such as anxiety, mood, cognition, neuromotor functions, pain, sleep, attention, feeding. All these tests are performed on a selected genotype, in accordance with a strictly pre-determined experimental design and under supervision of senior scientist.

BMSG breeds on demand genetically modified laboratory animals, and makes available to the customers large transgenic animals. All tests and analysis are performed in one "clinical type" laboratory, using standard and highly routine protocols. Over the last two years BMSG was financed from two sources: state grants and commercial entities.

Projects that were financed by commercial entities:

  1. Transgenic rabbits and goats - joint-venture project with an overseas University
  2. Transgenic cattle & somatic cloning -multidisciplinary joint-venture project with an European biotech company
  3. Transgenic pigs-multidisciplinary joint-venture project with the Institute of Zootechnics and the National Medical Institute
  4. Production of human growth hormone in milk of transgenic rabbits
  5. Chondroitin sulphate for treatment of degenerative joint diseases
  6. New titanium biomaterials with controlled biocompatibility produced by surface engineering methods

Projects that were financed from the state grants:

  1. Large xenotransplantation project, multidisciplinary work involving seven independent research teams (molecular biology- genetic-veterinary-medical applications).
  2. Embryonic & somatic cloning
  3. Embryo cryoconservation, in vitro production of embryos

It is now accepted that in the near future, transgenic animals will be a source of tissues to humans. BMSG will work on new methods of applying xenograft tissues and organs to different animals. Therefore, BMSG efforts will go in direction of breeding transgenic animals and supporting creation or replicating in Poland new animal models.

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