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The concept of Science/Technology/ Life Science Start-Up Accelerator in Poland/ BMSG Co.

Biomedical Solutions Group, BMSG Co.,represented by Dr.Andrew M.Bartkowski is an independent, privately-owned biotechnological services company. Its main mission is to focus on widely diverse research in technology, biotechnology, genetic engineering, biochemistry, medicine and on practical applications to facilitate technology transfer and commercialization of biotechnological discoveries. BMSG Co.cooperates with the Research Institute of Animal Sciences, Krakow, Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, University of Poznan, University Hospitals of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, University Hospitals in Warsaw, Poland, and also with numerous EU private and public institutions.

This new concept reflects a proposal to create an international fund/funds and an acceleration program-Accelerator aimed to identify and further develop up to commercial stage the innovative ideas from engineering, biological science and specifically in health science, either for the technology companies and start-ups from the EU countries, or from the USA.

Accelerator will stimulate innovation by bridging the gap between an innovative, new ideas and effective implementation. It will also promote the successful development of technology start-ups and early-stage companies. Innovative projects and start-ups would be selected based on their potential for developing innovative technologies aligned with the strategic focus of Partners involved.

By carefully nurturing selected projects at the early stage of development the Accelerator would create the options for successful investments for Partners. One of the viable option for selected start-up companies would be a financial assistance program offered by Accelerator in exchange for a 3-10% equity ownership. The Accelerator has been situated in the new Technology Park at the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland.

The program would last up to 3 years and would support over the timeframe up to 20-30 new projects with a minimum amount 100K USD each. Nurturing will correspond to start-up academy and will focus on development of both people and business. Program will include providing experts and an entrepreneurial coaching program, securing access to prototyping labs and equipment, legal & marketing support, access to peer networks, communities and other key resources. The model would assume close cooperation aimed to maintain highest possible level of success (as opposed to high level of survival). Expected ROI will depend on assumed risk strategy, but should be planned at the level of 30% ROI on average. Partners will assume involvement in other joint ventures which would complement and explore activities of the Accelerator.

BMSG,Inc. together with the international fund will be in the position to offer unique partnership opportunity to successfully invest in business incubation program located in Krakow, Poland.

The offer includes already established elements as well as possible new elements of innovative ecosystem:

a) state of the art infrastructure (shared facilities) incl. (but not limited to) Lifescience Park no need for investment in real estate, flexibility to expand or relocate activities without additional costs, many options to locate the project in right and most supportive environment,

b) access to the prominent science community from Krakow (about 3000 life science academics,
more than 16000 life science students) as well as from other science centers in Poland and
EU (see networks) - all potential contacts are fluent in English language;

c) access to seed capital, use of research and development facilities and an array of business
support resources to accelerate successful development incl. technical and business
assistance in marketing, legal, finance, human resources, business development, intellectual
property, networking, entrepreneurial training,

d) access to European networks of collaboration through Council of European Bio Regions,
European Diagnostics Cluster Alliance, Med Cluster NET or SCANBALT;

e) access to EU programs and funds opportunities to leverage amounts invested in single or
bundled projects especially in the scope of 2015-2020 EU financial period.

All above mentioned assets and possibilities are to be involved as integral parts of long term
joined program in which the Partner(s) would take strategic role either solely or in consortium with
other international organizations. We request potential Partners that would join us to:

a) provide funds aimed at supporting early stage innovative projects and overall management of
the program,

b) provide strategic guidance and professional support for the process of selection awarding and
monitoring progress of innovative projects.

In conclusion, BMSG Co., together with all associated partners will offer to a prospective clients:

1. A number of experts in business development, acquisition financing, investment portfolio
management, project managers, product managers and analysts, developers, testers,
etc. with knowledge in Biotech, Fintech, IT, eCommerce, Health Care, Big Data, etc.

2. Partners like universities and technical school. This kind of partnership would offer our
clients the best experts, laboratories, research facilities, grants, etc.

3. Facilities like Technology Parks and Economic Zones which specialize in healthcare
sector, biotechnology sector, electronic sector, aviation sector, food processing sector,
modern services sector, research and development (R&D), together with outsourced
legal and accounting services.

4. Big experience in Joint-Venture, cooperation between different companies, etc.
We offer our know-how and number of financing options for new JV project (BioTech,
FinTech, Smart Cities, IT, eCommerce, etc.).

5. Financing we offer financing, either through Polish or International capital from the
number of diversified financial sources like Venture Capitals, Private Equity, Business
Angels, IPO (Stock Exchange in Warsaw, Prague, Bucharest), big Polish and
International corporations or EU grants. We invest also in startups at different stages:
Idea, Seed, Early / Mid / Late and M&A.

Please direct all inquires to:

Dr.Andrew M.Bartkowski
Executive Director,
BMSG, Inc.

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